Now that we’ve all got a little more time on our hands a lot of us are getting round to the jobs that are usually set aside to ‘do another day’ – one of those jobs is often cleaning your watches and jewellery. However, this is no time to stop sparkling! Here we go over our top tips for cleaning your watches and diamond jewellery at home.

It’s important that you take some time to look after your watches and jewellery, after all, they are items that should be cherished for generations. Over time everyday dust and dirt can clog the settings and the dull the shine of your special pieces, so cleaning them from home every now and again can help to keep the sparkle going.

Cleaning Your Watches and Diamond Jewellery at Home

Whether it’s a job you never get round to or something you’ve never thought of doing before, cleaning your watches and diamond jewellery from home is really a really easy way to restore some sparkle. Trust us you’ll see a huge difference!

You only need a few bits and pieces that you’ll already have at home:

  • A small dish
  • Some dish soap
  • An old soft toothbrush – this will help you to reach into the intricate settings
  • A jewellery or micro-fibre cleaning cloth



1 – Fill the dish with hot water and a little dish soap and then leave your items to soak

2 – Once the water is cool enough to touch, brush each item gently with the toothbrush, this will dismantle any dirt and dust that has built up in the setting over time.

3 – Give each piece of jewellery a good rinse, washing away any soapy residue

4 – Dry the item with the cloth and polish the band or chain

Cleaning Your Watches and Diamond Jewellery at Home

Cleaning Your Watches and Diamond Jewellery at Home

Just because diamonds are strong, it doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Apply a little common sense when it comes to looking after your precious pieces – always take them off if you’re gardening or working out. It’s also a good idea to remove any items whilst your cleaning as the chemicals in the product can damage them. Try as much as possible to remove any rings when you’re applying hand lotions, ointments or creams as they can leave a film over the gemstone.


When it comes to cleaning watches at home we’d only recommend cleaning watches with bracelets. Luxury watches are complex innovations and a little extra care should be taken.

Cleaning Your Watches and Diamond Jewellery at Home

1 – Make sure the watch itself is water-resistant, there are no chips in the glass and the crown is fully secure

2 – Fill the dish with hot water and a little dish soap. This time just dip the bracelet of the watch into the water – make sure you do not dip the dial

3 – Out of the water gently brush the watch bracelet with the toothbrush, making sure you reach in between the links

4 – Dip the bracelet in some clean water and then with a dry cloth polish the bracelet

5 – You can use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the dial of the watch

Again, apply a little common sense when it comes to looking after your watch. Avoid wearing it for heavy-handed activities and when you’d not wearing it safely store it away to avoid any bumps and bashes. You should never try and fix a luxury watch yourself. If you open the watch case you could damage the waterproofing and inner mechanics – trust us, leave it to the professionals.


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