A luxury watch is always a prized possession. Many have personal and sentimental value and were either bought or gifted to mark a landmark moment in life. Others have been bought as investment pieces or to pass on to future generations. Whatever the reason may be your luxury watch is a treasured item which you need to look after.

Here’s our top tips for keeping your timepiece in the best condition possible…

Luxury Watch1 – Keep it clean – Whether you wear your watch every day or just on special occasions they will pick up bits of dust and dirt. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the dial, as well as the links in the bracelet, but always avoid harsh cleaning materials.

2 – A regular service – It’s important to regularly have your timepiece serviced by a professional. If you notice something wrong never try and fix it yourself. If you open the watch case you could damage the waterproofing and the inner mechanics. At Laings we have a state-of-the-art watch workshop where our watch technicians can service a wide range of models working closely with brands to ensure your watch is always in the best hands.

3 – Correct storage – When you’re not wearing your watch it’s important to store it correctly. Keeping it safe in a box avoids any unnecessary knocks and accidents, plus the timepiece will also be kept away from dirt and pollutants in the air. If you don’t have the original box there’s a range of stylish watch rolls and winders that will protect your watch in the same way.

4 – Common sense – Looking after anything important or of high-value involves a little bit of common sense. If you’re worried that your watch could potentially get damaged then take it off. For example, if you’re gardening or doing any manual work it can an idea to put your watch away in its box and out the way of any accidental bumps.

5 – Insurance – We don’t like to think about it, but life’s little accidents do happen and the best way to protect your luxury watch against damage, theft and any other unpleasant circumstances is to take out an insurance policy.


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