Bespoke Design

If you can’t find that special item or are just looking for something a little different, Laings are proud to offer clients the opportunity to design their own jewellery. Whether it be an engagement ring, a wedding band or a piece to celebrate a special moment in life, let our specialist Design Team take you through this simple process.

Working closely with our in-house jewellers and valuer, each stage of the design process is carefully thought out to ensure all your requirements are met.


Step One

Come in and meet our team! We are situated in 4 locations throughout the Uk, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff.  Here the team will greet you within our comfortable and private surroundings to discuss all your ideas and requirements.  We are happy to look at all your inspiration ideas including any photographs, magazine clippings, digital screen shots etc. We also discuss including and using any old and/or current jewellery you might have and wish to use and what budget you have set yourself. Once we have a clear idea of requirements the jewellery designer will take to the drawing board to create an image of your piece.  They will sketch many designs, experimenting with various ideas and suggestions as provided by you.  We can share final designs with you, ensuring that you are completely happy with this.  We are happy to provide you with CAD images and/or 3D printed wax models of you design prior to being fully produced should you require.

Step Two

When the final design is selected by yourself, Laings will begin to source all materials required to create your final piece of jewellery.  Materials are carefully selected to meet your requirements.  Our fully qualified valuer will hand-pick each stone to perfectly compliment your piece.  Examining each stone with intricate detail we will ensure only the best stones are selected for your final piece of jewellery.