Kirsty Berry

Senior Jewellery Designer

Kirsty has been with Laings for over 10 years and as our Senior Jewellery Designer in Glasgow she can bring your dreams to life!

Kirsty Berry When did you join the company? I started working with Laings in 2006 part-time while studying at Glasgow School of Art. When I graduated in 2008 I took on the designer role full time. What attracted you to the company? I loved the history and the fact it is a family run business, and of course, in my opinion Laings is the best jewellers in Glasgow. I always wanted to be a customer myself one day and now I am lucky enough to work here! What was your first role in the company? My first role was as a part-time sales assistant while studying at GSA. I learned a lot from working part-time whilst studying. All about diamonds and the quality of stock we have. I then went on to work full-time as the in-house designer. How has your job developed and changed over time? I went from working part-time as a sales assistant to becoming the in-house designer. The design side of the business has grown over the years and now I work alongside Alison where we work in both hand drawings and Matrix and Computer Aided Design Software. We also have our in-house goldsmith Stuart who works alongside us and is a great asset to the company with over 35 years' experience. What is your favourite part of your job? I love to design the perfect piece of jewellery for our clients. Each creation begins with a sketch done by hand in meticulous detail or through our Computer Aided Design. I especially love the final stages when the client gets to see the finished piece and watch their face light up. Do you have a favourite memory whilst working at the company? One of my favourite memories was once I graduated from art school. Stuart Laing asked if I would like to work full-time as the in-house designer. I have never looked back! Why would you recommend working for the company? A great company with lots of opportunity to learn. Global luxury brands and top quality diamonds - what more do you want?! Also, we are a great team to work with!

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Tel: 0141 221 7199