Why Choose Laings?

Our Heritage

Established in the year of 1840 as a manufacturer of clock and watches and eventually extending into jewellery and gemstones, we now have over 175 years of expertise and history which has shaped us into the successful and prestigious family business that we are today. Now in our sixth generation with 7 stores dispersed throughout the UK, our success is seen to be due to our strong values of treating our customers with respect and honesty. Treating our customers with such values have strongly established Laings as a reputable jewellers renowned for the finest quality and excellent customer service, not only within the UK but also globally. Our dedication to the growth of the business is only rivalled by our passion for the exceptional and personal service that has become synonymous with the name Laings. It is this passion and drive that has helped Laings to become the premier diamond and watch destination.

Our Values

As a long established family business it is important to Laings that we only put our name to products worthy of our outstanding reputation. That is why alongside our portfolio of luxury watch brands we offer only the highest quality of diamond rings and jewellery. Six generations of the Laing family have worked tirelessly to create the network that we have now to ensure we offer our highest quality products at the fairest price possible. All our watches from the most prestigious watch brands are crafted by specialist watchmakers to the high standards of Swiss horology while all our diamonds are conflict free and the majority come with their own unique diamond certificate so that you can learn more about exactly what makes your diamond special.

At the heart of our brand is our dedication to provide outstanding customer service and to take care of each and every customer that walks through our doors. At Laings we fully understand how important each purchase is to our customers as every transaction represents a great amount of emotional and financial investment, which is why we also invest heavily in our staff to ensure you walk away with the perfect item of your dreams, whether this is a luxury Swiss timepiece or dazzling jewellery.

As well as taking care of our customers at the time of purchase, we are also with you for as long as you allow us. We dedicate ourselves to look after every timepiece and jewellery even after the guarantee ends. This is facilitated by our in-house team of watchmakers and jewellers who are equipped with many years of experience to ensure every repair and maintenance is carried out at highest standards.

As aforementioned, we treat every customer with integrity, honesty and respect meaning that we welcome all customers and aim to provide an enjoyable journey throughout. Our diamond and watch specialists are all equipped with thorough knowledge in their area of expertise with a purpose to inform and educate our customers to enable our customers to make the most out of their treasured pieces.


As well as our strong focus on customers, we also treat our employees with the same values as we truly believe in acquiring, developing and retaining our talents. We offer great flexibility and opportunities in the way that they learn and progress their career at Laings.

Each member of staff has the opportunity to undertake watch brand training which often allow them to visit the workshops and appreciate the magic of watchmaking. Diamond specialists are offered the JET (Jewellery Education & Training) courses to gain professional qualifications to accelerate their careers at Laings. By offering such training and qualifications to our staff also makes sure that we at Laings are able to advise and inform our customers when selecting their treasured pieces.