A chat with Michael Laing

In a former life, before I wrote about watches for a living, I would often travel to Edinburgh on business and fell for its abundant charms. The architecture, the history, the views across the Forth, all collaborate to seduce. Invariably, when I got a chance, I would visit Laing, Scotland’s oldest family jeweller, with over […]

5th September 2014

Not Your Regular MOT

We all know that time of year – the dreaded car service, and yet, everyone knows the price you can pay if you neglect this necessity. A quality watch is no different from any other well-oiled machine. A watch requires care and attention to keep it in the best condition possible. After all, luxury watches […]

30th August 2014

Meet Team Laings – Sales Consultant Karyn White

Welcome to our meet the team feature where you can get to know the people that help make Laings what it is today.   Today we meet sales consultant Karyn who works in our newly refurbished boutique store in the Argyll Arcade – she has been with the company for 2 years and has just […]

28th August 2014

Choosing the right jewellery for your wedding day

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life, and people will spend months, if not years trying to plan the perfect day. For such a special, momentous occasion, you will want every last aspect to be perfect, and for the entire day to go off without a hitch. […]

19th August 2014

What are eternity rings and when should you look to buy one?

In recent years we have seen eternity rings start to become more and more popular amongst couples. However, with their increasing popularity comes an increasing level of confusion surrounding eternity rings, what they are, and when you should buy or receive one. Hopefully this post will help answer these questions for you. Eternity rings can […]

23rd July 2014

Meet Team Laings – Sales Consultant Ronnie Sinclair

Welcome to our meet the team feature where you can get to know the people that help make Laings of Glasgow what it is today.   Today we speak with sales consultant Ronnie who works in our flagship Laings store in the Argyll Arcade – he has a sunny personality, a knack for making everybody […]

14th July 2014

Engagement Rings: Does size really matter?

“Will you marry me?” – Four simple words, which make up one of the most important, life-changing questions you may ever ask. A proposal, and resulting engagement, is a major turning point in the life of any couple, so you will of course want every aspect to be absolutely perfect. For those doing the proposing, […]

11th July 2014

Do you dream of diamonds or coloured stones?

At the weekend a friend announced that when her time comes she’d like her ashes to be turned into a diamond. Despite this rather morbid request, we all saw humour in her mission to live on as a sparkly gemstone. We agreed that diamonds are the ultimate symbol of celebration, whether in the shape of […]

2nd July 2014

Stuart Laing wins Prestigious Award

Last night saw the prestigious Jewellery & Watch London reveal the winners of the inaugural Bering Buyers Power List 2014, during a glamorous champagne reception at the beautiful Saatchi Gallery, London. The Bering Buyers Power List aims to recognise, celebrate and reward the individuals and companies that suppliers and peers in the jewellery and watch […]

19th June 2014

Meet Team Laings – Senior Sales Consultant Jacqueline Donnelly

Welcome to our meet the team feature where you can get to know the people that help make Laings what it is today.   Today we speak with senior sales consultant Jacqueline who works in our newly opened, third Laings store in the Argyll Arcade – she is renowned for her fantastic rapport with customers […]

13th June 2014

Father’s Day Dilemma – Which Type of Dad Do You Have?

On Sunday the 15th of June we will celebrate him – Dad, Daddy, Father, Paw, Dada or other. Whatever your term of endearment; good, bad or ugly it’s time to forget past arguments, move away from family tiffs and forgive any embarrassment previously caused from situations involving boyfriends/girlfriends, “the Dad dance” or any time your […]

6th June 2014

Dressing For Wedding Season

Wedding season is here and with the invitations comes a whole host of wardrobe dilemmas. Dressing for a wedding can be a tricky business but it’s a great excuse to go shopping and treat yourself to something special. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t outshine the bride (yes we’re talking to you Pippa Middleton!) […]

28th May 2014

Which Bridesmaid Style are You?

“ Your Bridesmaids are your closest female friends – you want them all to look and feel pretty, ‘cause they’ll remember!” Micci – our Vintage Bride So you’ve hand picked your dazzling troupe of ladies to accompany you down the aisle, to arrange your dress, fix your make-up, but most of all be there for […]

20th May 2014

Wedding traditions: nuisance or necessity?

As a bride it’s your absolute prerogative to do whatever you want on your wedding day. Well, not exactly what you want. We don’t recommend swinging on the chandeliers or twerking your way around the dance floor. We think traditions have their place and even the most unconventional bride can introduce a dose of old-fashioned […]

14th May 2014

Meet Team Laings – HR Manager Janey Whyte

Welcome to our meet the team feature where you can get to know the people that help make Laings of Glasgow what it is today.   Today it’s the turn of the Laings Glasgow HR, Training & Development Manager Janey Whyte. Janey is a relatively new addition to the team and has been with us […]

12th May 2014

The 4 Brides – Which one are you?

The search for the Holy Veil ….   “Choose your wedding outfit when in your comfort zone and get the most fabulous version of it”  Melanie Rickey – Fashion Editor at Large.   Choosing a wedding dress can be overwhelming and there can be a lot of pressure on making the right decision, with endless […]

15th April 2014


This month sees arguably the most important watch in history once more go under the hammer at Sotheby’s Important Watches sale in Geneva on November 11th 2014. The Patek Philippe No.198.385 aka the Henry Graves Supercomplication has pre-auction estimates of between $15 and $20 million. So just what, exactly makes this one of a kind […]

11th April 2014

Meet Team Laings – Online Manager Claire Logan

Welcome to our meet the team feature where you can get to know the people that help make Laings of Glasgow what it is today. Today we meet the Laings Glasgow E-commerce manager Claire Logan – 26 year old Claire has been with the team since the launch of the new online department in August […]

8th April 2014