Laings New Year campaign was inspired by the  prestigious history and bespoke interior of the Edinburgh Grand. Embark on your New Year journey with Laings first-class hand-sculpted jewellery and world-renowned Swiss-made timepieces.

Laings timeless diamonds are for individuals who admire classical allusions while looking towards the future. Welcome a new beginning with our imaginatively fancy coloured diamond collection and embark on a spectacular journey guided by Laings 182 years of expertise.

Sun-Lit Radiance with Yellow Diamonds

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of exquisitely coloured diamonds. Laings delicately sculpted yellow diamond jewellery echoes the dancing light, playfully accentuating the promises of femininity for every occasion.

Yellow Diamonds

Hand-selected and meticulously crafted, clusters of vibrant white and yellow diamonds exemplify mother nature’s inherent refinement. The collection is illustrated by contemporary vivid pear cut yellow diamonds worn individually, or together as a set to create an unforgettable impression when attending a black-tie evening.

Embrace the Hues of Chocolate, Champagne and Cognac Diamonds

When a romantic cheek-to-cheek moment occurs, dazzle with an array of fancy brown coloured diamonds which delightfully float in an 18ct rose gold setting. It’s unique design overlaps and intersects like petals entwined around a flower bud. Our craftsmen’s creation enthuses life and allows each diamond to reflect the skill of the remarkable artisans.

Brown Diamonds

Opt for an outfit with unique neckline to mark your memorable moment. Exquisitely fancy diamonds in earthy colours, echoing the light and shadows dancing from white diamonds in a halo setting with 18ct rose gold wrapped around structure. This elegant silhouette offers a unique sense of individuality. Fused with a line of various brown diamonds that capture a blend of champagne, cognac, and white diamonds shimmering in the dim light.

Whether articulating the here and now or moving with the style of tomorrow, fancy coloured diamonds lend themselves to accompany life’s finest moments. Laings fine jewellery brings the vision of artisans to life through the mastery and beauty of the jewellery.

Adore the Night in Style

In a night of extravagance, when a bow tie is simply de rigueur, the Pre-Owned Breitling Navitimer offers sleek sophistication. Its refined Chronograph is engineered with an automatic movement, encased by a robust 18ct rose gold, and finished with a distinguished alligator strap for a more contemporary look, marking the wearer a master of time.

Breilting Navitimer


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