Welcoming the New Year by reflecting on the tranquil moments of a busy celebration, Laings introduces the New Year Campaign.

Adorned with fine jewellery and stunning garments, on a backdrop emblematic of an antique era, the New Year campaign scales back the extravagance with moments of tranquillity captured outside a night of celebration.

Laings New Year Edit

Laings New Year campaigns steps outside the elations of a celebratory night to capture moments of tranquillity and sentiment. A serene moment of intimacy with your loved ones to reflect upon the unfolding events of the night is a unique encounter to be treasured. Here, stories are exchanged, and intimate conversations can be had, accompanied by a beautiful setting and dressed in the finest Step outside the busy celebrations and pause to tell those important to you how beautiful they look and share the simple yet meaningful words ‘I love you’. As you reflect on the year gone by, take time to reminisce on the special memories made.

New Year Campaign

Embracing the allure and warmth of the New Year campaign is the illustrious Edinburgh Grand, in the heart of the Scottish capital. An elaborate space filled with eminence and grandeur, the Edinburgh Grand was a fitting backdrop to host a night of glamour, while capturing discrete moments of sentiment in the iconic stairway. Emblematic of the Great Gatsby, with the feeling of Art Deco embedded all around. The architecture and interiors radiate the beautiful, jazz fuelled 1920s era with bold outlines and geometric forms. With incredible materials from around the world ingrained in its construction, the Edinburgh Grand echoes a unique drama.

Edinburgh Grand Staircase

Accompanying intimate moments is Laings fine jewellery collection – with rich and velvety hues from coloured diamonds making a statement as bold as the décor surrounding them. Complementing the blush tones of the dress, champagne and cognac diamonds are enveloped in the warmth of 18ct rose gold and adorned with white diamonds. A unique and striking combination, fitting for the distinct setting.

Laings Fine Jewellery


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