A time of joy and jubilation, the festive season is one for creating memories and celebrating with loved ones. The most wonderful time of the year warrants the finest attire and accessories to match. Whether you’re planning to go all out or for more a subtle sparkle, explore the Laings guide to styling your Jewellery this party season.

Subtle Sparkle

The sparkling spirit of Christmas is embodied in the delicate glimmer of diamond jewellery. A simple pendant, dress ring or pair of earrings will add the most sophisticated of sparkles to your favourite outfit. Complementing warm tones of green, red and gold, diamonds add to the festivities with captivating reflections of fire and brilliance that are certain to mesmerise. Experience the exquisite luxury of diamonds with Laings.

Diamond Jewellery

Opulent Gemstones

A decoration of the divine, gemstones accentuate your style with prizing hues and striking tones. A spectrum of wonder – vibrant jewels from across the world universally inspire with a symphony of exotic secrets that add majesty to any look. Enchanting colours delight onlookers with intrigue and admiration, elevating the most everyday outfit to a dramatic ensemble. Take a journey through colour with Laings gemstones.

gemstone Jewellery

Decadent Yellow Diamonds

A nuance of the classic white diamond, yellow diamonds exude an alluring aura with unmatched intensity. Vivid hues complement the most daring outfits from couture cocktail dresses to evening gowns, transforming the familiar into the spectacular. Take your festive black tie to the next level with decadent yellow diamonds from Laings.

yellow diamonds


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