IWC has spent over 150 years perfecting the blend of form and function to create a portfolio of iconic watch collections. The pioneering American spirit combined with innovative Swiss manufacture has led to its success today, and IWC continues to strive for progression in both watchmaking and philosophy.

Early History

In 1868, American engineer and watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones founded the International Watch Company, now known as IWC. Florentine had been deputy director and manager with the E. Howard Watch and Clock Co. in Boston, then became a leading watchmaker. At a time when many aspiring watch enthusiasts went west to establish themselves in the world of luxury horology, Jones went in the opposite direction where he planned to combine the expert craftsmanship of the Swiss with contemporary engineering mechanics and technology from overseas. This American pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship was met with scepticism from the skilled workers in the Geneva region and the remote valleys of western Switzerland.

IWC Manufacture

This didn’t stop Jones from establishing the IWC manufacturer on the banks of the River Rhine and creating pocket watches of the highest quality possible. Upon Jones’ return to the States, The Rauschenbachs, an industrialist family from Schaffhausen, took over the company. During its early years, IWC produced pocket watches with a digital “Pallweber” display, as well as wristwatches for women and men.

An Established Legacy

IWC has been demonstrating a pioneering spirit and watch innovation for over 150 years. The Swiss brand redefined the standards of Swiss luxury watches with outstanding chronometers that each portray mechanical finesse, where avant-garde engineering meets intricate and stylish design.

IWC Portugieser IWC Pilot's watch

Each collection achieved legendary status with the iconic Pilot’s models engineered for Aviators, the timelessly modern Portugieser, and the epitome of Mediterranean style depicted in the Portofino collection. Each caters to a different love and need for fine watchmaking.

A Promising Future

In addition to the ever-evolving technological and design innovations, IWC has established itself as a leader in striving towards positive changes in sustainable manufacture and equal opportunities. By 2022, IWC proposes purchasing 100% renewable energy globally, developing and implementing a Green IT strategy, phasing out purchasing non-FSC (Forest Stewarship Council) products, and developing a blueprint for sustainable events. IWC is also working towards gaining the RJC Chain of Custody certification that states all watch components have proceeded through an ethical and transparent supply chain.

IWC sustainability

IWC is committed to promoting equal opportunities across the organisation, pledging to double the share of women in management positions compared to 2017 and achieving Equal Pay certification. The Schaffhausen watch manufacture sets a strong example in its field for not only progressive watchmaking but organisational culture.

IWC Watchmaker

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