When exploring engagement rings, there is an array of diamonds and styles to choose from. The 5 C’s can help you select the perfect diamond – colour, clarity, cut, carat weight and certificate. The diamond cut is defined in two ways; how well the diamond is cut to optimise light dispersion and the actual shape of your diamond.

The shape of your diamond can determine the whole look of the ring and influence the design in many ways, from creating a vintage feel to making the ring sparkle even more.

The princess and emerald cut are two very different diamond shapes, and here we explore what makes each cut special.

Princess Cut

It’s no surprise that the princess cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings. This cut is often described as a square modified brilliant, distinguishing it from other square shapes like the asscher cut, which has a step-cut facet arrangement. The princess cut diamond is a square shape when viewed from above, and from the side, is like an inverted pyramid. This cut is perfect for those searching for something elegant and classic but less traditional than a round brilliant.princess cut engagement ringThis princess cut engagement ring is styled with a classic and timeless design which allows the diamond to take centre stage. The four-claw setting perfectly complements the shape of the stone while hosting the diamond securely. Elevating the traditional nature of the ring, the 18ct yellow gold band adds another distinct visual element to this beautiful engagement ring.


Emerald Cut 

The emerald cut engagement ring radiates elegance and style. Its distinct step-cut facet arrangement provides a unique presence and creates a more transparent, glass-like appearance, allowing the light to project in the most unique way. This cut lends itself beautifully to a sophisticated and vintage design, and its elongated style is extremely flattering on the finger.emerald cut engagement ringThis platinum emerald cut diamond ring is styled in a beautiful three-stone design, elevating the vintage feel of the stone. The classic platinum band allows the emerald to remain the focal point, shimmering gracefully alongside the side stones.


Emerald engagement rings emerald cut

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