Laings is proud to share our new Edinburgh watch gallery, with Rolex, Cartier and OMEGA. The new space marks the beginning of a series of expansions across our showrooms, bringing clients a reimagined way of experiencing the excellence of the world’s most prestigious watch brands.

Brian Nelson, Edinburgh General Manager, says:

“The development of our watch gallery has further elevated our Edinburgh showroom. It creates a stunning back drop for our clients to immerse themselves in the luxury of our Swiss watches, matched with the warm, welcoming feel we are known for.”


Rolex areaThe largest area of the watch gallery belongs to Rolex. Entering the watch gallery you are met with the instantly recognisable colours and identity of Rolex – emerald green, gold and an unmatched attention to detail. Recessed installations in the walls display fine Rolex models to give the sense of a museum environment, reinforcing the craftmanship of each Swiss timepiece.rolex store-in-storeThe long, extended room provides different touchpoints for clients to enjoy. The first area can host introductions and less formal conversations complemented by refreshments. As clients move through their journey within the space, they can enjoy the privacy of one-to-one consultations at desks placed behind two pillars, to provide quiet discretion when enquiring about sought-after models.



The Cartier area of the watch gallery combines its signature red with the finishing touches of Parisian elegance to create a lasting impression. The Cartier store-in-store is a first for Laings, going above and beyond its traditionally branded area to give clients the feeling of stepping into one of Cartier’s French boutiques. Positioned beside a window with natural light pouring in, the area is designed to make clients feel comfortable and provide the inviting warmth of a contemporary living space.

Cristina Carballo, Watch Manager and Cartier Ambassador, says:

“Being in our new Cartier Showroom at Laings is like to travel to the Maison de Cartier in Paris, or London, or New York. It’s just spectacular! True Love has a colour and a name. It’s Cartier“

Cartier showroom


OMEGA area

The escapist world into OMEGA was the first store-in-store completed back in December 2020. Its inaugural place in the watch gallery has been met with praise from watch aficionados, when a select few were shown an exclusive digital unveiling to generate excitement for the store reopening.

The OMEGA area includes ornaments that represent the brand and pay homage to its innovation within horology. This includes a sea-horse medallion to symbolise OMEGA’s Seamaster models, an hourglass to represent time and books on subjects that OMEGA has touched within its history.

omega showroom

To discover the Edinburgh watch gallery at Laings, please contact the showroom for appointments or visit our online appointments.

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