In November 2015, TAG Heuer released its first smartwatch – the TAG Heuer Connected.  The innovative smartwatch was designed in partnership with technology giants Google and Intel to combine the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions with cutting edge Silicon Valley expertise. Now, 8 years on swimmers and runners can look forward to enhanced features on their watch with a 2021 update to the model’s proprietary sports app.

Underscoring its commitment to creating a timepiece that supports an active lifestyle, TAG Heuer listened closely to feedback from users to develop new features that deliver a best-in-class digital experience. Here we take a closer look at the app’s latest features.

TAG Heuer Connected

The Connected in the Pool

Building on the success of its recently introduced Wellness app and new golf features, the TAG Heuer Connected is once again expanding its in-house range of apps dedicated to sports, now allowing use for swimming. With its sleek design and advanced functionality, the Connected offers swimmers a continuous experience in and out of the pool by focusing on performance and progress tracking in the water while staying sophisticated ‘on shore’.

TAG Heuer Connected

Using the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, the swimmer can see metrics for the number, style and efficiency of completed laps on the watch’s touchscreen dial, as well as total distance and interval breakdowns. Accompanied by additional information on their smartphone, wearers can access detailed information such as calories burned, analysis of strokes and a summary of the entire session for strategic benchmarking that encourages constant improvement.

Boosting Performance with the Indoor Running App

Complementing the new swimming experience, TAG Heuer also brings fresh updates to its existing Running app, with exciting new features for indoor activities. This new version focuses on giving runners improved analytics – primarily on cardiovascular intensity with total distance, output, speed and pace recorded to allow development of personal fitness goals. Beyond running, the heart rate tracker and updated features can be used for all types of cardio exercise – indoors and outdoors – for an immersive active lifestyle experience wrapped up in a stylish timepiece.


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