Instantly recognisable, the Cartier Tank secures its place in watchmaking history as a legend of consistent reinvention. With a past as bright as its future here we explore the latest interpretation of the collection; colourful variations of classic design that pay homage to the vibrance of the 1980s.

Inspired by an Icon

Inspired by the 1917 design of the Louis Cartier, the new Tank Must and Tank Louis are reinvented in colour.

Tank-Louis Cartier  The limited-edition Tank Louis features refined details, including Roman numerals and gold coloured “rail tracks” to emphasise extravagant dials for a refreshing excellence and bold style that keeps sophistication at heart. The fundamental principle, purity of line, is signature of the Cartier Tank and lives on through the latest Louis release for an aligned rhythm of design that is equally elegant as artistic.

Cartier Tank Must

The Tank Must collection differs slightly with gold plated silver finishes and a simpler dial. Engineered with innovations, the Must also supports a more sustainable approach. The vivid straps include no animal materials and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, while remaining comfortable, for a collection that reminisces on past design while embracing efforts to protect our future.

A Reimagined Experience

Honouring our commitment and long-established relationship with Cartier, the Laings Edinburgh watch gallery has been reimagined and transformed to replicate the feeling of stepping into one of Cartier’s French Boutiques.

Cartier Laings

Nothing evokes the feeling of grandeur like a red carpet. Combining the signature red with finishing touches of Parisian elegance, the Cartier space of our watch gallery goes above and beyond its traditionally branded area. Designed to make clients feel comfortable with personalised engagements, the inviting warmth of the contemporary layout allows full immersion to the essence of the brand.

“Cartier for me is a Lifestyle, each Cartier Family has a story to tell, timeless creations like the Reborn of the Tank Must de Cartier, launched in 1977,is King of shapes as you can find any case shape of watch, always using the best materials and precious stones, Pioneering, Perfection, Luxury and Exclusive.

Be in our new Cartier Showroom at Laings is like to travel to the Maison de Cartier in Paris… or London…or New York! it is just spectacular!

​True Love has a colour and a name… Cartier” Cristina Carballo, Edinburgh Watch Manager.

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