As we move into the new season we have launched our 2021 Spring Campaign. The beautiful campaign invites you to rediscover romance, exploring the blossoming world around you as we move into a time of renewal.

Here at Laings, we are celebrating the change of the season and are delighted to introduce our spring campaign for 2021. As nature blossoms, so too does romance, and the campaign is filled with precious diamonds that symbolise the excitement of love stories.

As the golden days of spring dawn, they bring with them a newfound sense of hope. With nature inviting you to rediscover the world around you, romance is given a chance to flower. A simple bike ride with someone special can seem fresh and exciting in the season of renewal, and this enchantment allows you to look at the world anew.

Sally Alobaidi, Head of Marketing, at Laings, commented: “Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love, and they have an undeniable sparkle in the spring sunshine. We were inspired by this fresh glimmer of romance and wanted to invite our customers to rejoice in the world around them with someone they cherish.”

Over the past year, for many, nature has become an escape, and as it blossoms once again, there’s a sense of romance that comes with the season. Diamonds symbolise this romance, embodying the intrigue and excitement that comes with the delight of spring.


Sally continued: “With longer days and nature blossoming, spring can seem like a whole new place. It’s the perfect season to spend time outdoors, taking delight in all that spring has to offer.”

This spring, we invite you to rediscover romance and the exquisite diamond pieces that mark this sense of love and hope. Take time to enjoy the magic of nature and revel in the fresh excitement that comes with the promise of spring days with those you cherish.




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