Known for their rich, marine history and iconic dive watches, Panerai combines their passion for the sea with precision engineering to create timepieces that push limits and encourage adventure. In our Panerai Brand Focus, we take a closer look at their history, commitment to horology and iconic model, the Submersible.

With unparalleled expertise Officine Panerai have been creating luxury timepieces for decades, combining Italian design flair with Swiss Horological expertise. Let’s take a closer look with our Panerai Brand Focus.

Panerai Brand Focus


To understand Panerai’s innovative history we go back to 1860 when they opened their first space, in Florence, that served as a store, workshop and watchmaking school. It wasn’t long before their skills were noticed and they became the official supplier of precision instruments to the Royal Italian Navy. This partnership allowed Panerai to establish deep-rooted links with the sea, which to this day ensure a certain charm and continue a tradition of exceptional quality. With stylish watches that combine sophistication and technical design, the legacy of Panerai lives on through pieces that are handsome, distinctive and fit for any adventure.


One of Panerai’s most iconic models, the Submersible, is a real instrument for survival. A professional underwater watch with phenomenal technical characteristics and a distinctly military appearance the Submersible is suitable for any situation.

Panerai Brand Focus

The Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech™ boasts a 47mm case crafted from carbotech, a material based on carbon fibre that was introduced into the world of high-quality watchmaking by Panerai. It is both lighter than titanium and stronger than stainless steel. Accompanied by luminous hour markers and a screw-down crown this model makes for a highly functional divers watch with innovative and technical solutions.


Continuing their commitment to the horological community, the latest project to launch from the luxury watchmakers is PAMCAST, a digital storytelling platform. Conceived to share inspirations, riveting stories and lifestyle interests, it acts as an exclusive insight for watch enthusiasts. Inspired by broadcasting platforms PAMCAST is where Officine Panerai truly comes to life, its legacy can be explored and passion unwound to reveal the charm that enchants aficionados worldwide.



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