The world of luxury watchmaking can be a difficult one to navigate. With so many different models, movements and styles there is a lot to consider when purchasing and taking care of your timepiece. We caught up with one of our Edinburgh watch experts, James Crawford to answer all your burning questions in our Watch Experts Q&A. 

Our Watch Experts get asked all kinds of questions, however, the most common is to do with servicing, pricing, authenticity and styling. Here we speak to James about all of these, answering your most burning questions with our Watch Experts Q&A.

Why do luxury watches have a more expensive price point?

When looking to purchase a luxury timepiece, it is important to consider the value the watch will bring to you, not just now but for a lifetime. Luxury watches may be more expensive than other fashion brands, but this is due to a combination of quality materials, handcrafted components, watchmaking tradition and lifelong enjoyment. Each brand and collection can have different factors when it comes to pricing, but it is my job to break this down for you and explain exactly what the watch will bring to you and why it is worth what it says on the ticket.  

Watch Experts Q&A

How do I know if my watch is authentic?

There are many things to look out for when it comes to the authenticity of a luxury piece. Being such a desirable item, unfortunately, people have become very good at imitating them and it can sometimes be tricky to tell the difference. A few steps to follow. Does the watch come with the original box and paperwork? This gives the watch provenance and model or serial numbers that can be matched with the warranty card to the watch. Is the watch being bought from a reputable dealer? If you’re looking at buying a preowned timepiece, this is always a good way of giving yourself more security. Get it checked out by an expert. Bring it in for a second opinion and we can often tell quickly whether the timepiece is authentic.  

Do I need to service my watch regularly?

Yes. Even if you have kept your watch hidden away in a drawer for years, the movement will still require servicing at certain intervals. The way to get the best performance from your timepiece, particularly with an automatic movement, is to wear it as often as you can. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation for when to book your watch in for servicing and always choose an authorised watchmaker. 

Watch Experts Q&A

 Can I wear my watch in the shower?

Maybe. This all comes down to each specific watch and its water-resistance levels. If your piece has a screw-down crown and/or has a water resistance level of 30bar/300m, then you can confidently swim, shower or even dive with your watch. Watches that are designed as more dress pieces (slimmer case, leather strap) tend to be unsuitable for showering. If in doubt, take it off, and always check the instruction booklet for more information. 

Watch Experts Q&A

Can I change the strap on my watch?

Yes. On most timepieces, it is possible to change the bracelet to give your watch a totally different look and feel. One of the benefits of buying a luxury watch is the process of customising it for different seasons, occasions or even outfits. My favourite watch to play around with is the Tudor Black Bay 58. It looks great on the bracelet, rubber, nato and leather straps. If it is your first time experimenting with strap replacements, I would always recommend getting a professional to show you how it’s done first.  



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