Today diving watches are one of the most popular choices of sporting timepieces. This is not necessarily for their diving functions, but for their style, value and promise of durability. Here we have a closer look at the history of these pieces and how they have evolved into some of our most loved models.

Water resistance, an element that is now often taken for granted in timepieces, was once a monumental moment in horological engineering. Let’s take it back to where it all began as we dip our toes into the world of diving watches.

The history of divers watches takes us all the way back to the 1920s, when Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, played a pivotal role in creating a watch that was both water-resistant and dustproof. This was due to the screw-down crown and caseback. Known as the Rolex Oyster, this model was worn while Mercedes Gleitze attempted to become the first women to swim the English Channel. Although she was unsuccessful the Oyster prevailed, marking a new development in watchmaking and remaining a popular model today.

We then have OMEGA to thank for selling the first ‘water resistant’ timepiece commercially. Since then it has inspired many luxury watchhouses to follow suit, creating their own divers’ watches. Let’s explore some top models.

Panerai diving watch

With a history rich in marine expertise, Panerai’s roots are embedded in diving watches and the iconic Submersible is one for your wish list. Decades ago, this robust model was created to endure the demands of professional diving and has since supplied precision and reliability to its wearers. Solid and strong, with unrivalled visibility the Submersible has a unique and distinct style that presents an innovative, technical solution that’s perfect for any adventurer.


The pioneering spirit of Longines has a renowned reputation, and they have been championing our seas and skies for centuries. Their answer to the dive watch is the HydroConquest.

Longines Diving Watch

It perfectly represents their heritage and is dedicated to men and women looking for a high-performance timepiece that combines technical innovation and style. Catering for everyone from the refined individual to the most serious of divers, this stylish model harmonises practicality with luxury to create a masterpiece.




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