Even in more difficult times, there’s a sparkle to be found, and this year is no exception. While we await the adventure of a holiday or the thrill of a party, fine jewellery and timepieces can make our everyday a little more special. Here we share with you our top 3 picks for winter that’ll bring joy to even the simplest of occasions.

Whether its adding diamonds to your frosty February walk or popping on your favourite watch for a quiet evening spent together, let’s take a closer look at some of our top picks that will always remind you of precious moments through this one of a kind winter.


The feminine elegance of yellow diamonds creates a captivating sparkle with a pop of colour. They have a certain unmatched charm that adds a unique and special twist to everyday jewellery.

Winter Jewellery

The 18ct White Gold Yellow Diamond Pendant and 18ct White Gold Yellow Diamond Earrings make for the most magnificent pair.  Each created with luxury craftsmanship and design, a yellow diamond piece will certainly bring a sunny hue to your winter day wanders, whether the Great British Weather allows it or not!


Throughout lockdown, we’ve had so many wonderful Laings proposals. Spanning nearly a whole year now these unprecedented times are not stopping couples from celebrating their true love.


Yellow gold solitaire engagement rings are a classic choice, and the 18ct Yellow Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring is a beautiful piece. Displaying a mesmerising brilliance the white diamond pairs wonderfully with the warm lustre of yellow gold creating a truly timeless token of love.


A timepiece does more than add a touch of class to any look, it also has the unique ability to evoke memories of cherished times. Symbolising a special moment, no matter how big or small, a luxury watch creates a connection with its owner that can last a lifetime.

Winter Watch

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris is a perfectly crafted timepiece, designed with practicality in mind and heritage at heart. Its sporting character but simple aesthetic embody the signature elegance of Jaeger-LeCoultre making for a modern look with a vintage feel. A truly outstanding choice for a stylish gentleman.



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