As we come to the end of a turbulent year, Laings look back on 2020. Across the UK and online, we launched a series of sparkling campaigns to add a touch of indulgence in a difficult time.

With the New Year approaching, we reflect on how we have navigated what has been a challenging a year. Although faced with difficulties throughout 2020, the sparkle of Laings never dulled, and we continued to lead the way with our luxury campaigns, adapting and thriving as the year went on. Come with us as we look back on 2020…


Laings Look Back on 2020

As we look back on 2020 we begin in January, when we launched a campaign to celebrate all of the adventures that were to come. Although the year quickly took a turn, our customers still embarked on a range of glittering journeys. Proposals marked the start of new chapters together, whilst treasured anniversary presents commemorated all that had passed. The adventures continued in new and meaningful ways, and we were delighted to continue to help clients to mark those special occasions.


Spring approached and saw the UK entering into an unprecedented lockdown. Laings understood that even in these difficult times, special moments in life continued, and our exquisite tokens of love may become even more cherished. Our glittering campaign featured jewellery, diamonds and luxurious timepieces that will be treasured for years to come. thrived in this time, and customers continued to celebrate their loved ones, shopping online and enjoying the luxury of Laings from the comfort of their own home.

Laings Look Back on 2020


To mark the changing season and the move into summer, Laings launched a dazzling campaign focused on sustainability. Inspired by the everlasting nature of diamonds, thousands of flowers, all made from 100% recycled paper, represented the blossoming magic of nature and the power of our planet. This campaign gave us the opportunity to advance our commitment to move towards a more sustainable way of working.

Laings Look Back on 2020

Summer also marked the re-opening of our stores. The health, safety and comfort of our clients, staff and community were paramount. As well as ensuring that our stores followed government guidelines, we also introduced a bespoke appointment service. This new system allowed us to provide safety, alongside five-star customer service.

Stuart McDowell continued: “Our appointment system proved popular amongst customers. At Laings we pride ourselves on our customer service, and we passionately believe that purchasing our luxury products should be coupled with an unforgettable customer experience. By offering an appointment service, we could ensure appropriate social distancing, whilst maintaining the standard of customer experience synonymous with Laings.”


Laings Look Back on 2020

In autumn, Laings launched an indulgent campaign that celebrated the special moments that our precious pieces mark and the joy that they bring. We recognised that this year, more so than ever, we’ve found ourselves cherishing the time that we spend with our loved ones, enjoying special moments and marking milestones together. Laings jewellery often commemorates these moments and set against the rich colours of autumn the campaign included exquisite pieces that come to symbolise chapters in your life.


As we entered the winter season, many were unsure of what Christmastime would hold. Laings campaign showcased the magic of a treasured gift, spreading a message of positivity and putting family at its heart. It demonstrated that even in uncertain times, and no matter if near or far, we could still celebrate our loved ones, showing them just how much they mean to us.


Throughout the festive season, we have also reassured customers that we will continue to make shopping with them as easy as possible, being there every step of the way. remains open, and as well as our reliable online service with home delivery, we also offered a Click and Collect service. Our knowledgeable and experienced Online Customer Service team are always available to help with customer queries and have helped many find the perfect present this Christmas.


During a winter season unlike anything we have experienced before, and as our stores follow any restrictions that are put in place, Laings launched an online Winter Sale to continue to be there for customers throughout this time. Featuring exquisite jewellery and timepieces with up to 50% off, engagement rings to mark your promise of forever and expertly crafted earrings and elegant pendants, some fantastic savings are available. The sale also provides you with the chance to own rare models from our Pre-Owned Watch collection to timepieces from the world’s most luxurious watch brands at fantastic prices.  Laings invite you to shop the Winter Sale online, allowing you to purchase from the comfort of your own home.

Stuart McDowell, Retail Director at Laings, continued: “Our Winter Sale allows us to offer more to our customers, providing them with an excellent opportunity to purchase special pieces at exclusive prices. We continue to be there for our customers in every way we can, helping them to pick special pieces and sparking joy in more difficult times.”


As we look back on 2020, and what has been without a doubt a challenging year, and incredibly difficult for many people, Laings have continued to be there for our customers. Throughout our 180 year history, we have been part of celebrating your loved ones and marking special moments. This has not stopped, and cherished moments continued to spark joy. As we look towards 2021 with renewed optimism and a sense of hope, Laings would like to thank their customers and communities for their ongoing support and hope to welcome you in-store soon.