As the festive season approaches there’s nothing better than curling up by the fire with your favourite tipple. This month we are delighted to introduce our friends at Holyrood Distillery, who made history in 2019 by opening the first single malt whisky distillery in Edinburgh city centre for nearly 100 years.

There is a lot of synergy between whisky and watches: a shared passion for and commitment to producing items of incredible quality, workmanship, and precision, and matching traditional skills with innovation. Like watch collectors searching for their perfect timepiece, whisky fans love to seek out new bottlings and styles to acquire and in recent years many have sought to add a cask to their portfolio.

As many of our customers have a keen interest in whisky, we met up with Holyrood Distillery to hear how they are making history.

Holyrood Distillery

Unlike traditional whisky distilleries, Holyrood Distillery is not bound by heritage. The priority is flavour and producing a truly delicious range of whiskies through innovative techniques and careful experimentation, rather than simply crafting one or two house styles.  Their focus is on creating, capturing, and concentrating the desired flavours to meet a client’s taste expectations.


Like all good things, crafting the perfect whisky takes time. Scotch Whisky needs a minimum of three years of maturation in a cask before it can legally be considered whisky. The new distillery gives whisky lovers the chance to play a part in whisky history by offering them access to the most bespoke cask programme the whisky world has ever seen and play a role in developing their first whiskies.

Holyrood Distillery

Working with David Robertson (formerly of The Macallan and The Dalmore) means you can select the raw materials (the specific type of malted barley, styles of yeast, etc.), and shape your whisky with discussion on distillation cut points and control the final flavour with the cask you choose to mature in. This level of control over your spirit is unique, and we’re not aware of any other distillery out there doing this. Truly custom made.

For a curious whisky fan, this is a chance to be a master distiller for a day, and a whisky maker across the decade, as you ‘watch’ your fledgeling spirit develop into a mature single malt and decide when the time is right for bottling. With a limited run of casks, it’s a golden opportunity to fully participate in crafting a truly personal spirit, that’s honed to your taste.

Holyrood Distillery


Just as a watch collection can tell a very personal story, so to can whisky. A watch is often given on a special occasion, a significant birthday, achievement, or anniversary. Whisky is remarkably similar, with bottles frequently bought as gifts or as investment pieces. This programme allows you to go one step further, with the customer selecting the exact date their cask is filled with spirit and once matured, the date the whisky is then bottled – enabling milestone dates to be marked in a very memorable way.

Holyrood Distillery


Many collectors view luxury timepieces as miniature works of art that are masterpieces in their own right. The craftsmanship and expertise required to build them make them something to truly cherish and admire. This approach is similar in the world of whisky, but this time, you’re able to work hand-in-hand with the master distiller to craft a whisky you can truly cherish and take personal pride in.

The programme has a set number of casks, so this is an exclusive opportunity to select a style that is limited, unusual, and bespoke to you. So, why not make history and be part of this exclusive club?  A chance to taste time.

Interested? To find out more about the Holyrood 2020 Bespoke Cask Programme, visit


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