Unique to Laings, the Family Collection is graced with hand-selected diamonds designed to delight. Inspired by the personalities of the Laing family, it is infused with character and charm. Here we catch up with Richard Laing to find out all about the process of hand-selecting diamonds for our beautiful Family Collection.

Each and every diamond in the Family Collection is hand-selected by our in-house expert Richard Laing. His wealth of experience and eye for detail, combined with high standards make for a very selective process. Let’s have a closer look and see how he picks the perfect stones.

Hand Selected Diamonds

What Makes the Family Collection so Special?

“The Family Collection is completely unique to Laings, and you won’t find rings like these anywhere else. Each range was inspired by a personality from the Laing family, and so are filled with character and individuality. The intricate details in every collection are exclusive to us, showcasing our passion for fine jewellery. Hand-selected, scintillating diamonds are at the heart of each design, and what makes it truly special.”

Do You Really Hand Select Every Diamond?

“YES! Although it is a time-consuming process it is one that I thoroughly enjoy. I hand-select every diamond that goes into each of our Family Collection pieces. The unique nature of diamonds means that each stone is completely different from the last, and it’s vital for me to check every one individually. No two diamonds are ever the same. Although they may have the same certificated values they will look different in person, and it’s important to judge with the eye.”

Hand Selected Diamonds


“While each of the 4C’s contribute to a diamond’s grade, for me the most important factor is the quality of the cut. It is imperative for releasing the true brilliance of the diamond. Each gemstone chosen has indescribable beauty, but only a small number are good enough for Laings Family Collection. I reject around 97% of the diamonds I examine purely because I don’t consider them to be of sufficient standard.”

Why is Your Rejection Rate so High?

“The Family Collection has passion at its core. Exclusive settings are paired with scintillating diamonds, and it represents our heritage for the generations to come. The diamonds I choose become part of your cherished moments and family story; that is truly special to me, so it’s important that I chose only the highest quality diamonds.”



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