PAMCAST, the latest project to launch from luxury watchmakers, Panerai is a digital storytelling platform. Conceived to share inspirations, riveting stories and lifestyle interests it acts as an exclusive insight for watch enthusiasts.

Founded in 1860 Panerai are celebrated for their seamless melding of Italian design flair and history with Swiss horological expertise. The newly launched PAMCAST is designed to be an immersive odyssey through the Panerai universe with thrilling journeys, ranging from virtual expeditions to voyages through their fascinating history and curated travel guides to the world’s most exquisite locales.

Panerai launch PAMCAST

The content will revolve around four key pillars; Lifestyle, Laboratorio de Idee, Entertainment and Brand Accessories, each of which reflects their distinctive offering. Looking at their heritage, product and innovations the inspirational content is an exciting way to engage with the luxury watch brand.

The project is nothing short of an unprecedented, game-changing entertainment platform for the watch industry. Configured as an editorial platform, PAMCAST will release meaningful, interactive stories to their audience, allowing them to enrich their enjoyment of their timepiece.

Panerai launch PAMCAST

Watch enthusiasts will be able to engage with the brand through their inspirational content and Panerai is looking forward to further accompanying you along your journey with them. Readers will be able to stay up to date on the latest introductions, whilst exploring trivia, secrets and travelling back in time to the watchmakers historical roots.



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