Are you finding it harder to keep busy whilst staying in? With everyone practising social distancing it can feel like there’s just not much to do – however, staying home can be just as fun! Here are our tips for staying busy whilst staying in…

The phrase ‘staying in is the new going out’ has never rung more true! From becoming the next Mary Berry to popping on a face mask here’s our guide to keep boredom at bay.



Staying InThis is the perfect time to dust off your old paintbrushes and sketchbooks and enjoy spending some time honing your creative skills – you may even discover an artistic talent that you never knew you had! It’s easy to get lost when creating a masterpiece and spending time making something beautiful can be really soothing.

Bluebellgray has always been about bringing joy into people’s homes through colour and pattern and they’re not stopping now! If you’re looking for some artistic pointers Bluebellgray are hosting art classes Monday to Friday at 11 am on IGTV, perfect for getting the kids involved!



Staying InIt’s important to keep your bodies moving. Exercise can put a smile on your face and we all know how good you feel after a hard gym session. Even though you can’t go to the gym at the moment there are so many ways you can bring the gym to you. Youtube is filled with all kinds of home workout videos and many gyms and fitness gurus are hosting Instagram live sessions, which really help you to feel part of a class.

Alternatively, you can keep your body moving by going out for one walk a day, keeping the recommended distance between you and others. Take half an hour to breathe in some fresh air and appreciate little things, blue skies and the blossom beginning to appear.



Staying InDon’t let Friday night traditions disappear and still make a point of catching up with friends over a cocktail or two. There are all kinds of ways to stay in touch, from Zoom to Facebook Messenger Chat it’s never been easier to stay virtually connected. Bring the bar to you and evenings will disappear with plenty of chatting and laughter!

Get creative with your ‘Home Bar’ menu and try some of these ‘Easy Cocktails to Make at Home’ recipes from Kate La Vie. Including the Classic Margarita and a delicious Rhubarb Gin Fizz, you’ll have the best order of the night. You could even get inventive and create your own cocktail concoction – send any recipes to Laings and we’ll share them!



Staying InWith so much going on it’s important to find time to relax and there’s no better way to do this than throwing your own Pamper Night. Taking some time just to turn off from reality and really allow yourself to relax will help you to feel so much better.

Get the setting right with some spa-like music and herbal tea as you run a bubble bath. Smooth a face mask on, light your favourite scented candles aaaaaand breathe. You could also pick out your favourite nail varnish and give yourself a home manicure and pedicure if there’s anyone that you can rope into giving you a massage then go for it.



Staying InHave you always dreamed of making an appearance on the Bake Off? Well, now is your chance to perfect your baking skills. Baking can also be really therapeutic, giving you a sense of achievement when you pull a tray of amazing muffins from the oven. Its little wins like this that will keep everyone going. Plus, treats, like home baking, are the best way to reward yourself after a day of working from home.

Claire in Laings Finance Team is well known for her famous Banana Bread, and the bakers’ favourite has become an Instagram star over the past week. Close second to Claire’s loaf is from the Baking Queen herself Mary Berry – check out the recipe HERE!



Staying InIt’s getting sunnier outside and at the moment your garden maybe your sanctuary. Why not take advantage of the good weather, and having a bit more time on your hands, to transform your garden. By the time summer comes around it could be the perfect place for BBQs and long warm evenings.

Your garden could perhaps do with some TLC after the winter months. It could be something as simple as mowing the lawn and painting a fence, or perhaps you could add some colour with bright flowers. For an extra bit of fun, we recommend creating a garden assault course – that will definitely keep the kids entertained!



RelaxIt’s easy to feel overwhelmed just now and sometimes just enjoying the art of doing nothing is the best thing whilst we’re all staying in. You don’t have to feel like you should have mastered playing the oboe, learnt fluent Portuguese or written the next Harry Potter during isolation. Sometimes just getting through each day moment by moment is enough.

Turn off the news, throw on your best ‘day pyjamas’, make a cup of tea and lose yourself in a movie or a good book.



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