Luxury watch brand, Longines, produce covetable timepieces that boast an undeniable beauty and refinement. Here we delve into the enchanting world of the Swiss-made watches and look at four collections that truly embody the brand’s motto – ‘elegance is an attitude.’

Longines has long been known for the timeless exquisiteness of their wristwatches, with elegance, tradition and performance acting as the pillars of their renowned reputation. Built by expert watchmakers their classic aesthetic is paired with technical expertise and precision, making them celebrated pieces amongst watch lovers.

Their timepieces enchant both wearers and onlookers, undeniably inhabiting a unique world of elegance. We’re celebrating the top four collections that truly embody the elegant spirit of Longines.


“When elegance and modernity come together in harmony.”


The Symphonette collection has a modern and bold look, whilst remaining timelessly elegant. The beautiful timepieces act as an ode to the 21st-century woman and have been designed for women who want to wear a contemporary, yet graceful watch. The ellipse-shaped case is the distinguishing feature of the range, making it instantly recognisable with a subtle, yet stylish statement. The finely crafted bracelets add the finishing touches and each carefully crafted wristwatch exudes a mesmerising charm.


“Long experience meets vast expertise.”


Combining technical excellence with timeless design, the Master collection embodies the values of the luxury watch house. This is the line that built Longines reputation worldwide and the success of the range is a tribute to their fine watchmaking skills. Offering watch lovers the best of both worlds it marries refined style with precision and accuracy, producing exceptional timepieces. The classical elegance and excellent quality of this range is perfect for anyone who appreciates the intricate details of luxury timepieces.


“The Italian way of life enhanced by timeless elegance.” 


Inspired by the ‘Dolce Vita’ this collection pays homage to ‘the sweetness of life’. Beautifully illustrating contemporary elegance its recognizable rectangular shaped case is finished with either a bracelet or a luxury leather strap – and the variations will not fail to impress. The glamourous and graceful aesthetic of these timepieces adds an indulgent touch to your style and are designed for women who have made charm a way of life.


“The elegance of performance.”


The Conquest collection was a range created for sports lovers who still appreciate a well-designed aesthetic. As their reputation for precision instruments grew Longines became the official timekeepers of world championships in the sporting world and this collection is an expression of their sporting elegance. The sophisticated style is a subtle blend of form and function, including technical expertise that will meet the most demanding sportsmen and women.



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