Dress rings are a way to add a touch of personal style to your jewellery look. Often crafted in intricate designs and with stunning gemstones they are bought as special pieces to mark important moments. Here we find out a little more about dazzling dress rings.

The fashion for dress rings originated in the 1920’s when they were commonly known as ‘cocktail rings’. It was during the throes of prohibition that ladies starting wearing glamourous rings on their right-hand, sipping on cocktails and socialising in speakeasies. These rings allowed them to make a statement about themselves – they were successful and independent women holding their own.

Historically they were bought by women for themselves to mark their own achievements. They represent the next step on your journey, marking milestones and celebrating new adventures. They are rings that say ‘here I am’ and show how far you have come.

Dress Rings

The 18CT WHITE GOLD 1CT BRILLIANT AND BAGUETTE DIAMOND RING is an eternity ring with a difference. Typically eternity rings are bought to mark a moment in life and it’s a stunning way to recognize a personal success. With an array of brilliant and baguette cut diamonds, set over three rows it has an undeniable brilliance that is both enchanting and eye-catching. It makes a real impact when worn as a dress ring on the right hand and could be worn every day to symbolise your sparkling status.

The great thing about dress rings are that there are no rules when it comes to style and design. They are a way to show your personal style, expressing individuality and flair. They’re a lot of fun to wear and you don’t have to hold back. The contemporary designs marry well with the timeless appeal of diamonds and these finishing touches become a real talking point. Don’t be afraid to make a statement!

Dress Rings

The intricate design of the 18CT ROSE GOLD 0.75CT DIAMOND RING shows the endless possibilities when it comes to dress rings. Displaying nine brilliant cut diamonds in a swirling setting it has a modern look that’s truly eye-catching. The rose gold gives it a luxuriously feminine feel, whilst the dramatic details add a unique touch. The perfect piece if you’re looking to make a style statement.



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