The style of your engagement ring is what makes it stand-out and differentiates it from other rings. You’ll find that you’re naturally drawn to a particular design and here we look at the classic styles that will always be timeless.

Choosing your engagement ring style may slightly overwhelming. However, there are three classic styles – the solitaire, trilogy and halo – that often form the basis of the ring and can be the starting point when choosing what kind of design to go for.

So what do these styles look like?



Solitaire Engagement Ring StyleSolitaire Engagement Ring StyleSolitaire Engagement Ring Style

A solitaire engagement ring is the ultimate classic. It truly has stood the test of time and has become an iconic symbol of love. Essentially it’s a single-stone ring, giving one singular diamond all of the attention. There’s also different ways you can add detail to a solitaire ring, there’s the option of a diamond-lined band, a fancy cut stone or a four or six claw setting. Truly elegant in its simplicity it’s one that you just can’t go wrong with.

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Trilogy Engagement Ring StyleTrilogy Engagement Ring StyleTrilogy Engagement Ring Style

A trilogy ring has a romantic story to sell. What makes this engagement ring style is three stones set side-by-side. These three gems tell the story of your past, present and future together as a couple, with each stone representing a different stage in your relationship. You can also be a little inventive with how your trilogy ring looks. It’s possible to mix the shape of the stones and you could even add a yellow diamond or a sapphire for a touch of colour.

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Halo Engagement Ring StyleEngagement Ring StyleEngagement Ring Style

A halo ring features a smaller circle of diamonds that frame the centre stone. This glittering addition adds a really glamorous touch, giving it a stylish feel. The ring of diamonds also works to enhance the centre stone, emphasising its size and brilliance by reflecting the light onto it. A coloured gemstone, such as a sapphire also looks great in a halo style with the vibrant tones creating a stunning contrast to the brilliance of the white diamonds.

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