Said to bring happiness, love and wisdom to the bearer, the soft blush of morganite is a truly romantic choice.

The morganite gemstone is a variety of Beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine in its family. Ranging from pale rose to coral, the stunning hues of morganite evoke shining sunsets and champagne celebrations.

From Madagascar with Love

Morganite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1910 by George F. Kunz, chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co. and personal gemologist to American Philanthropist JP Morgan. At the time the stone was known simply as ‘pink beryl’, but shortly after its discovery, Kunz renamed the gemstone Morganite to honour Morgan, a keen gem collector.

Now found in locations all over the world including Afghanistan, Brazil and Russia, Morganite is a popular choice with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Zoe Kravitz. Today the rose coloured gem is one of the most favoured in jewellery designs.

Morganite Jewellery

The Beryl Family

All the members of the beryl family are known scientifically as Beryllium Aluminium Silicates and the different colours are the result of traces of elements found in the stone. Emerald gets its green from chromium and vanadium, while aquamarine is coloured blue by traces of iron. Morganite derives its charming pink colour from manganese.

Morganite Jewellery

How to Wear It

Morganites create the most graceful and opulent aura with their glistening sparkle and delicate blush tones.

They are an excellent choice of gemstone for dress rings. Giving the ultimate romantic finish the femininty of morganite beautifully compliments rose gold, creating a gentle yet luxurious look. Subtle, chic and stylish a morganite design is one you’ll love to wear for years to come.

Morganite Jewellery

With an unmatched soft, pretty and romantic feel, the beautiful pink hue of morganite adds an undeniable touch of elegance.

Set in a pendant, morganite is truly enchanting, with a peachy, pink complexion. A must-have for any collection a morganite pendant is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your look. We recommend adorning the gemstone with diamonds to really enhance the unique rose tones of morganite and also create a dazzling brilliance.


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