TAG Heuer are best known for their impressive sports watches and Chronographs. Their love of prestige and innovation is shown throughout their impressive models without ever compromising on style or skill. Over the years they’ve constantly shaken up the industry and pushed technological boundaries, from their original stopwatches right through to the revolutionary Connected model.

Crafted to the Core

Opening in 1860 Edouard Heuer founded the first TAG Heuer workshop under the original name ‘Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG’ in St-Imier Switzerland. The company quickly built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and precision. Pairing with their passion for technical innovation, with undeniable accuracy the brand became known as a specialist in the field of timekeeping. TAG Heuer split second pocket chronographs were even selected as official stopwatches of the Olympic games on three consecutive occasions across the 1920s; Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam.

In 1985 TAG Group, a holding company in Luxembourg, purchased a majority stake in the company, creating the now world renowned brand TAG Heuer. Now overseen by French Luxury Goods group LMVH the company have four production sites that cover the entire watch making process and the company are more dedicated than ever to producing watches that ‘don’t crack under pressure’ .

TAG Heuer

Staying Connected

As technology progresses the best brands are following suit and TAG are not a brand that are willing to be left behind. They have shown that they deserve their place as one of the number one luxury watch brands as they continue to keep up with innovations and demands in the tech field.

In November of 2015 TAG Heuer launched their first smartwatch the ‘TAG HEUER CONNECTED.’ The innovative smartwatch was designed in partnership with technology giants Google and Intel to combine the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions with cutting edge Silicon Valley expertise.

True to TAGs dedication to innovation everything about the Connected is customisable, with a range of straps and styles available there is something for everyone.

The NEW CONNECTED MODULAR 45 SMARTWATCH features some of the latest smartwatch technology. Just like the others this model is entirely customisable with interchangeable bezels, lugs and bracelets, you can even personalise the display screen thanks to Google’s state of the art programming. Some of its features include 25 hour battery life, water resistance up to 50m, GPS, Contactless payment, Location Services and so many more. Combining the style, functionality and beauty of a traditional TAG watch with modern day connectivity functions “the Tag Heuer Connected modular will be with you through every challenge of your day.”- TAG Heuer


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