Now with six signature watch families IWC Schaffhausen have produced an array of exceptionally crafted timepieces with everything from diving to dress watches. Let’s have a closer look at the world of the International Watch Company…


Settling in Schaffhausen

Back in 1868 pioneer Florentine Ariosto Jones worked as a Deputy Director at the leading E.Howard Watch Clock Co in Boston; however, he had his heart set on having a watch manufacturer of his own. So at the young age of 27 Jones travelled to Switzerland, where he founded the International Watch Company in Schaffhausen.  His aim? To combine the exceptional skills of Swiss watchmakers, with American machine technology and hydropower from the nearby Rhine River to produce pocket watch movements of supreme quality. Jones’s adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit meant he strove for engineering excellence and has left a lasting impression on the luxury watch market.


The Quintessential Portugieser

After 150 years of manufacture IWC have perfected the mix of form and function, leading to the creation of many iconic pieces.


Perhaps the most iconic is the Portugieser. The history of one of the most popular and sought-after IWC watches began in 1939. Two Portuguese business men commissioned an order with IWC for a series of larger watches that could run as precisely as marine chronometers for the Captains and Officers of Portugal’s merchant navy. The timepiece was revolutionary and a far-cry from the small and conventional art deco styles of the time. They had big round faces, Arabic numerals and feuille hands as legibility was of utmost importantance, these characteristics remain to this day. By balancing practicality and elegance the IWC Portugieser has earned a spot on every watch collector’s wish list. Its timeless, yet iconic design has been loved by many for generations.

IWC Schaffhausen Today

“Probus Scafusia” – The IWC motto: ‘good, solid, craftsmanship from Schaffhausen’.


Currently run by CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr IWC Schaffhausen has continued to provide perfect timepieces in the field of horology. Whilst they keep up to date with modern features and styles, they have preserved the original essence of each design and all of the watch families have remained best sellers for decades.

IWC is also known for its solid corporate philosophy and is highly respected for their commitment to sustainability and philanthropic collaborations. As well as all workshops being powered by 100% renewable energy IWC are devoted to producing responsibly sourced and manufactured products.

In addition to the great craftsmanship and brand values IWC go the extra mile in manufacturing ethical and responsible products for their customers adding a more meaningful value to luxury timepieces.



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