One of the very first decisions you’ll make when choosing an engagement ring is the diamond cut. The centre diamond is a very special gem that marks your commitment and promise of forever, so it is important that you go for a diamond that suits her perfectly. Different diamond shapes offer completely different looks and have different characteristics. So what diamond shape is the best match for your bride-to-be’s personality?

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant cut diamond has 58 facts and offers maximum brilliance, making it the queen of sparkle and the most popular amongst all diamond cuts.

This shape is for the girl who is: Traditional, Classic and Caring.

Diamond Cut   Diamond Cut   Diamond Cut


Angular and contemporary, the square shaped diamond is the second most popular for its ability to dazzle and catch attention.

This shape is for the girl who is: Modern, Independent and Bold.

Diamond Cut


Think of the Oval shape as a Round Brilliant, but stretched out. Its elongated shape can also allow fingers to appear more slender.

This shape is for the girl who is: Elegant, Creative and Trendy.

Diamond Cut


The step cut diamond has fewer, but larger facets which produces large flashes of light rather than lots of little sparkles. The diamond cut itself also has a retro, art deco aesthetic.

This shape is for the girl who is: Charming, Unique and Straightforward.

Diamond Cut


This is a more unusual option, but if she has the personality for a Marquise, she will adore it. The marquise has two pointed ends which creates quite the dramatic look.

This shape is for the girl who is: Outgoing, Fun and Brave.

Diamond Cut


Also referred to as the teardrop, the Pear is one of the more distinctive cuts and is full of feminine charm. It can also appear larger in size compared to the same carat weight of another diamond cut.

This shape is for the girl who is: Romantic, Free-Spirited and Loyal.

Diamond Cut      Diamond Cut      Diamond Cut


The modernised “old mine cut” has seen increased popularity in recent years as it has a classic allure that projects fire and sparkle. The fairy-tale shape is worn by Meghan Markle and resembles the cushion that Prince Charming presented the glass slipper on in the Cinderella story.

This shape is for the girl who is: A Dreamer, Optimistic and Sophisticated.

Diamond Cut        Diamond Cut


In terms of silhouette, the Radiant is very similar to the Emerald cut. However, it has more facets that are smaller, producing more scintillation.

This shape is for the girl who is: Glamorous, Confident and Sweet.

Diamond Cut

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